Since 1996 I have undertaken many forms of training which have always resulted in my own
self-healing and transformation. I belief as a healer that we can only support and guide the internal healing of the client in a successful and therapeutic way, if they believe in their own power to heal them self.
Why I belief in the importance of the healing process
For me it is an extraordinary gift to be able to support and accompany people and animals in
the decisive process of transformation in their lives. For the newly born, my craniosacral
work facilitate the best introduction to earthly life, and also supports the passage to another
dimension when this life ends.

For me, life and death are a process of eternal return. Change takes place continuously. We
are already eternal in life. It’s about time to open the “old dusty drawers” and take out our
lost trust and ancient knowledge.
We live in an age of maturity, transformation and healing.

My training in healing
Training in Craniosacral Therapy with Ramraj Ulrich Löwe – Germany
Tao-Yoga of healing love according to Mantak Chia with Juan and Renu Li –
Gran Canaria and Germany
CHI NEI TSANG – Chinese Belly Massage with Gilles Marin and Renu Li – Germany
Trauma-healing according to Peter Levine
Trance Therapy according to Grinder / Bandler
Removing Blockages according to the GILO method with Gisela Braun, Lanzarote
ARUN Massage with Mudito, Lanzarote
Complementary use of Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies and Healing Stones.