WirrbelsäuleThe life-force pulses through the vertebral column. As the name suggests, Craniosacral therapy has
as its objective the craniosacral system.

The craniosacral system involves the pulsation of the cerebrospinal liquid down the spinal cord and
influences the whole body.
Blockages in this system have a negative effect on the organs, muscles, bones and the central
nervous system and hormones.
Hands on contact can have a great healing effect.
Therapists like myself with training, feel the craniosacral system within the entire body and sense
it’s rhythm.

If the system is impaired, this is transmitted to the therapist through the hands.
Through gentle directed manipulation it is possible to mobilise, harmonise and strengthen the
system. Internal blockages within the body are removed in the process.
In turn this improves the capacity of the functioning of both the autonomic nervous system
and the endocrine systems.
This in turn strengthens the immune system and the fundamental potential energy of the entire

In addition to physical wellbeing, ones emotional wellbeing also improves.
Craniosacral therapy was developed in the 1970’s by the american doctor, Dr. John Upledger.
It has enjoyed over 30 years of successful application in the USA and Europe.
The term is derived from the latin “Cranium” (skull) and “Sacrum” (vertebral column / spine).
Craniosacral therapy can be applied in conjunction with classical “traditional” medicine.