Berg-mit-MondThe Art of Healing in Lanzarote

It gives me great pleasure to offer you the opportunity to browse through my webpage
and discover the variety of different therapies I can offer you.
At the core of my healing work is Craniosacral Therapy. This gentle, hands on, full body
therapy strengthens the vital functions and harmonises areas of tension.
In many cases it touches on emotional processes that can remove deep blockages.
(You can find more detailed information about Craniosacral Therapy in the menu above)

Each healing session reveals what can be resolved and healed. It can also highlight which
additional healing methods could be useful in the healing process. (see more below).
I always work in a caring and respectful way when undertaking any healing work.
Whilst I support you in your healing process, only what you want to occur will take place.
You are the one who will determine how far, how deep and in what sequence the healing
takes place.

When we believe in the power of our own thoughts, nothing is irreparable. Everything we
construct can be reconstructed.

In this way, illness shouldn’t be considered as a troublesome presence. We should learn
to consider each symptom with gratitude, since they draw our attention to the physical or
spiritual imbalance which needs to be addressed.

If we really want to heal, we must learn to be responsible for ourselves. Making contact with
our healing interior – our system of self-healing – and trusting in it, form part of this process.
With regards to my healing sessions, this means that I am not the one who heals, but the one
who channels the flow of healing energy. I enter into contact with your healing interior and
invite your innate powers of self-healing to return to their original balance.