– Reduction in stress levels within the body and its negative outcomes.
– By working with the central nervous system we can improve upon the
negative effects of diseases such as Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis,
Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrom and Stroke etc.)
– Conditions after accidents and falls, such as whiplash injuries and the traumatic
after effects which are felt by the body and soul
– Migraines and other painful conditions
– Rheumatism
– Muscular tensions in the back, shoulder and stiff jaw.
– Postoperative conditions
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Facial Paralysis
– Tinnitus
– Support during pregnancy especially in the case of Sciatica , vomiting etc..
– The trauma of childbirth.
– Supporting the natural process of breastfeeding infants-
– Children who have received damage to the cranium during childbirth
-..Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)